CHELSEA WOLFE – ” Hiss Spun “

Posted: September 23, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hello! My new album Hiss Spun is out today!

In a way, Hiss Spun is an album many years in the making. It’s a culmination of important people in my life, and a culmination of my musical influences and memories. It represents a certain kind of self-acceptance I’ve long strived for as an introverted, anxiety-riddled person. This album is about opening up and accepting the mess of yourself. There can be a strength in embracing your feral side, and it was fun to write some songs that were a lot more in-your-face and confrontational than I’ve done before.

The catalyst for this album was the reunion of my friend and drummer Jess Gowrie and I two and a half years ago. We had a rock band together back in Sacramento 10 years ago, and she taught me how to be a good front-person of a band and introduced me to a lot of the music that became very influential on me over the years. When I left that band to pursue my own project, it was difficult and we didn’t speak for 7 years, but when we reunited, it was clear that our musical chemistry was still there, strong as ever, so just as quickly as we became friends again, we started writing songs together again and her presence became an integral part of this new music and new era.

At my side for many years has been Ben Chisholm – multi-instrumentalist, composer, and another friend who has lent me much musical inspiration and given me strength when I wanted to shy away from the spotlight. Ben has worked with me as a co-writer and co-producer since Apokalypsis era, always recognizing that at the end of the day I follow my vision uncompromisingly.

Adding Troy Van Leeuwen’s singular guitar style to the twisted emotions of these songs was a welcome finishing touch, along with the ominous playing of Bryan Tulao.

Honesty in music has always been of grave importance to me, and this album is brutally honest. At times I’ve felt that my music is quite genderless, but many songs on Hiss Spun are very much from the perspective of a woman, confronting the chaos of the world with her own internal storm. There are stories of addiction, withdrawal, family history, lost love, instincts, cycles, and rage. Musically, I pushed my voice as far as I could, I sought out guitar tones that sounded like motorcycle engines, and specifically recorded with Kurt Ballou to capture the deep bass and pounding, energetic drums in the way he does so well.

There are repeated words throughout this album.. small words with big meanings: flux, hiss, welt, groan. Flux represents movement and flow, hiss is the positive life force, welt is the brutality of life, and groan represents sensuality and death. I’ve long had an affinity for white noise and there are moments on Hiss Spun dedicated to it, using sampled sounds from my own life as well as from history. Carl Sagan said that 1% of TV and radio static is relic sound from the Big Bang, and I find that strange connection to the origin both compelling and comforting.

Though this record can get dark, it can also be freeing. I hope you enjoy Hiss Spun. Thank you so much for your support and love.. I can feel it. And if you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading!


Chelsea Wolfe’s “16 Psyche” from the album “Hiss Spun”, out September 22nd, 2017 on Sargent House Records. Featuring: Troy Van Leeuwen on lead guitar.


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