RORY GALLAGHER – ” Take What I Want ” Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert November 1974

Posted: September 21, 2017 in MUSIC
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Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert; Record Plant, Sausalito, Aquarius Theatre, Hollywood, California, USA – November, 1975 Also on this show were Electric Flag and Steeleye Span. I know the venue of this performance is much disputed but I can say that it was the Long Beach Auditorium.
Note: According to Joachim Matz’ timeline and Gerry McAvoy’s book, ABBA, the Sensational Alex Harvey
Band and Electric Flag were also performing on this date.
It is known that ABBA performed an episode that was not broadcast until January 16th, 1976, and that
the Sensational Alex Harvey Band appeared on episode in February 6th, 1976. Electric Flag
performed on this very same episode . If one compares the stage setting from Rory’s appearance to ABBA’s on it becomes obvious that both have certainly been filmed at the same venue and likely at the same date.
There are only two episodes of Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert to feature Rory (which is likely), one
has to come to the following conclusion the first set is often wrongly believed to have been filmed at the
Whiskey-A-Gogo, as far as I know Rory played the following songs in the second session

Let Me In
I Take What I Want
Ain’t Too Good
Souped-Up Ford

Rory Gallagher – guitar & lead vocals Gerry McAvoy – bass Lou Martin – keyboards Rod de’Ath – drums

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