LISA MITCHELL – ” Neopoltian Dreams “

Posted: August 9, 2017 in MUSIC
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Its really been almost a decade since Lisa Mitchell released her catchy-as-can-be 2008 single ‘Neopolitan Dreams’? Preceding her ARIA-nominated  breakthrough ‘Coin Laundry’, the track’s gentle xylophone melody was seared into our minds, and showed that Lisa definitely had what it took to produce a pop gem.

Now, she’s revisited the breathy number with a brand new live cover, preserving everything that made it wonderful to begin with, but with an added dose of experience weaved throughout its lyrics.

Nothing send shivers quite like a beautifully-executed throwback. If you’d like to relive this one right alongside new hits like ‘The Boys’, you can catch Lisa on her national tour next month with songwriter Dustin Tebbutt.

Her new album has quite a few songs that are inspired by her childhood, so that’s why we set this first video in my hometown where I grew up, Albury! (Yup, I’m a country kid!) I think I have an obsession with my younger self, pre-music-career. I love remembering who’s faces I cut out of magazines and pinned on my dream-boards and what bands and artists I was listening too… It helps me get back in touch with myself and what I care about, and what I want to do here on planet earth.

Luci Schroder directed this video and we spent a few days driving around Albury, giving her the tour of all the places that my family and I could think of. Of course, the weir (or ‘Lake Hume’) was one place I had a feeling that Luci would like. It’s haunting, with its thousands of dead trees reaching their arms out of the lake and bare yellow hills mourning their dark forests… You can see it in the clip as we push the car up a hill. ‘The Boys’ is the first offering from the album, ‘Warriors’, released last October 14th, 2016.


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