COYOTE RUN – “Again Again”

Posted: August 8, 2017 in MUSIC
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Coyote Run

We’re very excited to share a melodious summer single from Los Angeles based artist, Kasie Shahbaz’s new project, Coyote Run. The song starts off strong with an upbeat riff that gets you moving right off the bat. This accompanied by Shahbaz’s layered harmonies makes for a serious summer jam. The track gives you the feeling you’re cruising down the 101 on the start of a wild summer road trip. This feeling is further encapsulated by the shredding guitar solo which closes the track out, showcasing Shahbaz’s guitar-work. The lyrics further the summer travel feel, maybe following someone you love just to be with them. Maybe trying to do just that but in the end they slip away, and being alright with it. Either way you take it, the song comes at you in full force from start to finish.

This track could easily find itself couched between your father’s psychedelic records he stashes in the basement of your childhood home. Multi-instrumentalist Kasie Shahbaz has an obvious love for prog rock and it is beautifully demonstrated on this folk flavored track. The southern Californian has a special sound we love. Taking inspiration from nature and relationships, her punk flare helps to round out an already stellar sound. We cannot wait to hear more.



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