STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – ” Core ” 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set

Posted: August 2, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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25 years ago, Stone Temple Pilots roared on to the scene with their raucous debut CORE. Now we’re taking a look back (well, more of a listen) at the band’s origins and their rise into one of the biggest rock bands on the scene.

“Core” was the debut album by this American rock band Stone Temple Pilot, originally released on September 29th, 1992 through Atlantic Records . the album “Core”,  displayed the band’s attempt to revive the album-oriented music approach of the 1970s. Striving to create an intense and emotional sound, vocalist Scott Weiland has said that the main theme of the album is that humanity is confused, with songs like “Sex Type Thing” and “Naked Sunday” dealing with social injustice. according to Weiland the songs deals with abuse of power, “macho” behavior, and humanity’s attitude toward women, treating them as sex objects. “Naked Sunday”, according to Weiland, “is about organized religion. About people who tell others what to do and what to believe.

I feel very strongly that all individuals, regardless of age, race, creed or sexual preference, should have the freedom to exercise their rights as human beings to enjoy life, pursue what they want and feel comfortable about who they are. I guess I tend to find the darker sides of life more attractive than the yellows and oranges. I know it’s something that I relate to when I listen to music.

The four-CD box set includes a remastered version of the album, previously unreleased demos and b-sides, and parts of three live performances from 1993 MTV Unplugged, Reading Festival and Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater.

Stone Temple Pilots

  • Scott Weiland (credited only as “Weiland”) – lead vocals
  • Dean DeLeo – guitar
  • Robert DeLeo – bass, backing vocals
  • Eric Kretz – drums

Get a limited edition bundle of the “CORE” Super Deluxe Edition which includes a bonus replica 7-inch vinyl single of “Plush” that was originally released in the UK in 1993. This exclusive bundle is limited to 1,000 copies. This bundle also includes the Core 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe box set with the original album on 180-gram vinyl, an exclusive Core 25th Anniversary album t-shirt, and Core 25th Anniversary 16″ x 20″ lithograph. 4CD/DVD/LP Super Deluxe Edition Features Newly Remastered Version Of The Band’s Debut, Plus Rarities, Unreleased Demos And Live Recordings, A Surround Sound Mix And Original Music Videos Super Deluxe,


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