FRANKIE ROSE – ” Trouble “

Posted: July 24, 2017 in MUSIC
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Cage Tropical, is Frankie Rose’s new follow-up record to 2013’s Herein Wild. She’s also released a new song called “Trouble,” .The former Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Beverly member is back for a fourth record full of sci-fi references and ’80s influences. “Trouble” is a driving first taste, with a rock-solid motorik underpinning Rose’s wiry synthwork and frayed vocals.

Rose worked with Jorge Elbrecht (Tamaryn, Gang Gang Dance) on the album, which also includes contributions from Dave Harrington (Darkside). The LP was created during an ill-fated stay in LA after departing her Brooklyn base (although she’s since moved back).

“It’s all essentially based on what happened to me in Los Angeles and then a return to Brooklyn,” Rose says of Cage Tropical. “Misery turned into something good. The whole record to me is a redemption record and it is the most positive one I’ve made.”

“‘Trouble’ came out of the simple realization that you can’t outrun yourself or your problems,” adds Rose of the new track. “Wherever you go they will follow you unless you address them. I tried. Went to Los Angeles after years in New York and nothing much changed. 3000 miles was a long distance on the map, but it didn’t mean anything was going to shift automatically, unless I made the choice to do it internally.”

The visualizer video for “Trouble” features a hotline fans can call that’s based out of Roswell, New Mexico. Callers are encouraged to leave their paranormal and extraterrestrial / UFO encounter stories on the hotline number. All messages will be screened for possible inclusion on the Weird Night with Juan & Frankie podcast, launching later this summer and focused on the connection between music and the paranormal.

Cage Tropical is out August 11th via Slumberland Records.

Official audio for Frankie Rose “Trouble”,


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