ISLAND – ” Spotless Mind “

Posted: July 23, 2017 in MUSIC
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Island are one of those tales many bands can only dream of. Selling out shows while still unsigned, their soaring sound and eternally relatable lyrics have gained them a substantial following and there seem to be nothing stopping the quartet now. Island will sit down to sign their record deal with indie label Frenchkiss Records. Their idiosyncratic melodies soar from the ethereal. The escapism captured within both melody and lyrics bear witness to a deep symbiosis between the two. “I think that the lyrics act often like an instrument in a song”, Rollo reflects.

He contends “they are all quite abstract, rather than being literal. The meanings of the songs often are very personal things, but they are put across in a way that isn’t so obvious.” Drummer Toby Richards quickly adds: “I think they are very relatable.

Though thriving on a very distinct sound, Island seems to have a hard time describing it. Upon reflection James concludes in tongue-in-cheek fashion that “Island sounds like mum-friendly ambient indie rock! Everyone knows we’re not very rock and roll” their forward plans are “just to record an album and tour the shit out of it.”.

As a group, Island definitely have a very strong chemistry live, and guitarist Jack Raeder admits that they try to record live to grasp this feeling. “I think we’re a band best captured live. So when we’re going into the studio, we try and make it have as much of a live feeling as possible.”



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