MAPPE OF – ” Caverns Dark / Nimblin “

Posted: July 18, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone (Pre Order)

The Canadian artist Mappe Of just released the two opening tracks of his debut’s album, A Northern Star, A Perfect Storm. With a sound that could easily remind to you of, James Vincent McMorrow or even a young Bon Iver, Mappe Of is all and none of them at the same time. A careful listen to Cavern´s Dark and Nimbin will reveal a unique sound that brings you to this ethereal, timeless atmosphere.

The sound is clear and well performed, almost minimalist. Guitar, violins, trumpets, it all helps to create these aural melodies. In his own words, “I’d like the music to be grounded in reality while simultaneously feel like it’s from somewhere else”. And he succeeds. Almost nothing for a debut album.



Trying to fit this young artist’s music in a genre can be certainly uneasy. Experimental, new indie, avant-folk… call it as you want, but you have to agree with me on this: it works.

The debut album from Mappe Of. A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone will be released on limited edition white vinyl on July 28th, 2017! Each vinyl pre-order will include a limited edition 7″ of Mappe Of’s covers of ‘Pleasure’ (Feist) and ‘Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes’ (Wintersleep).

Paper Bag Record’s new bet is definitely worth a listen (or two). These two tracks are an invitation to a true sound experience. Trust me: you won’t be disappointed.


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