NICK HAKIM – ” Needy Bees “

Posted: July 17, 2017 in MUSIC
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Nick Hakim writes songs that honor his own complexity and the complexity of love , delivered through brilliant, pillowy, jazz-inflected arrangements. But, perhaps above all, it’s the voice — a striking vessel of emotion and an impressive technical force.

On Green Twins, Hakim’s full-length debut, he holds every lyric with care. Not a word is wasted. Sometimes, though, he lets himself overflow. Like on “Slowly,” where he dreams of the lover he misses. “What I would give to feel that feeling one more time / Oh, it’s something I can’t ever explain,” he sings. After, he attempts a kind of explanation with a layered chorus of groovy, melodic gutterals, yells and shrieks.

Nick Hakim sounds like he spends as much time listening to Marvin Gaye as he does Tame Impala. The former’s innate sense of sensuality runs through Hakim’s debut, and the latter’s influence offers a kaleidoscopic haze where his falsetto can hide a little, when it gets too real. The Queens-based, Berklee-educated musician is willing to admit—under the cover of a smoldering sax, retro piano line, swirl of strings, or drum machine—that he misses her terribly, that he wants to take up residence in her mind if only to better meet her needs. So much soulful music makes a point of broadcasting desire as vividly as possible, but Nick Hakim understands that a low-key touch never hurt anyone’s chances,

On Green Twins, the songs are less about heartbreak (though, of course, some still are) and more about devotional love and desire. Less winter, more spring. But Hakim’s emotional intelligence – his quest to honor the many sides to each feeling – endures brilliantly. He is so clearly interested in what makes people tick: “Let me inside of your mind/ I’ll live inside of you / To find what you’re looking for,” he sings on the track “Needy Bees.” Matters of the heart require tenderness – and this conviction is what makes Green Twins a treasure; irresistible and challenging, without contradiction.

“His debut LP Green Twins is an awesome adventure in psychedelic soul and funk music. Hakim has such great guitar and synth tones and his voice is buttery smooth.”

“Green Twins” is from Nick Hakim’s debut album “Green Twins”, out now:


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