SHEER MAG – ” Need To Feel Your Love ” Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: July 15, 2017 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Over the past couple years, Sheer Mag have run one of the tightest ships in music. The Philly rock quintet released three 7” singles in three years—each with four songs, grainy black-and-white punk-flyer cover art and a retro band logo. They named these EPs I, II and III, then compiled them into a self-titled 12-song LP. Now comes the first official full-length, which finds Sheer Mag trying to navigate the leap from underground heroes to rock ‘n’ roll rat-race runners. The record is built on twin pillars: Guitarist Kyle Seely’s wellspring of gritty riffs and licks, which sound like they were unearthed from a late-’70s time capsule but somehow never got old, and Tina Halladay’s vocals, imbued with a combination of tenderness and tough talk that doesn’t come along too often. This is one of the best guitar-rock bands going right now.

Its catchy, hook-heavy protest rock that shows at least one band paid attention during history class.

Key Lyric: “I’ve been reading the news, and you’ll surely regret/ If you don’t give us the ballot, expect the bayonet!”

At a time when rock and roll’s relevance couldn’t be lower, Sheer Mag not only stir excitement for the dying genre with “Expect the Bayonet”, but remind us that rock and roll’s job traditionally has been to speak truth to power and afflict the comfortable.

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