Posted: July 13, 2017 in MUSIC
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Formed in the honest grit of Hamilton, Ontario, Basement Revolver have seen a quick and notable ascent into the spotlight with their unique brand of 90’s infused indie-rock. The band has been able to formulate a captivating and refined hypnotic aural experience typically found with those who are well beyond their years.

The trio have now returned, with a recently crafted EP in ‘Agatha’ and a new single ‘Mountains’ giving fresh indication of Basement Revolver’s towering aptitude for personally heart-rending music. Built on reverberating and poignant guitars, Hurn’s powerful voice is affectionate and unyielding as she sings from the very bottom “I am weak, but I carry you to mountains on my feet”. Reeling from hurt, Hurn steadily learns to be able to trust, their channelling of the past and detailing it’s overwhelming effect on the present and future a striking and commanding element to their music.


Speaking about the new track, Hurn details the intimate nature of it’s beginnings. “Mountains is a pretty personal song to me, it was written a few years back and reworked for the EP. I had a hard time believing that people could have good intentions when it came to relationships and love, but I’ve since learned that is not true. This song helped me to face parts of my past, and for that I am grateful.”


Basement Revolver’s “Agatha” EP, is available from July 21st on Fear of Missing Out Records.


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