SHEER MAG – ” Suffer Me “

Posted: July 6, 2017 in MUSIC
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“When we walk together, it feels alright! Meet me in the street!” shouts frontwoman Tina Halladay over power pop riffing that seeks to undo half a century of that same genre’s misogyny. This is the first track on Sheer Mag’s upcoming record, “Need To Feel Your Love”, and it’s an invitation to dissent, to disorder, and, through engaging in those together, to union.

To make clear the necessity of these actions, they remind us of the past: on “(Say Goodbye to) Sophie Scholl”, they recall the factual story of the character who, at 21, was executed by guillotine for her role in disseminating anti-war propaganda in Germany in 1943. They speak of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 on “Suffer Me”, recalling a critical moment in the push for LGBTQ+ rights; the events at Stonewall, where members of New York City’s gay community resisted police aggression and harassment, were among the first instances of people banding together to push back against the state-sanctioned violence the gay community suffered (and, in many places, continues to suffer). It’s easy to blithely hand-wring and remark on how applicable these stories are to ‘modern times;’ it’s quite harder to absorb and reflect on the gravity of that fact, then implement an action plan around it. Sheer Mag have drawn up their plans, and want you to get in on it.


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