The XX – ” I Dare You “

Posted: June 29, 2017 in MUSIC
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- Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S - ROMY MADLEY CROFT, JAMIE SMITH and OLIVER SIM of English indie pop band The XX performs at the Cain's Ballroom February 15, 2013 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We are so happy to share our new video for ‘I Dare You’. Our love letter to Los Angeles, a city close to our hearts, where we wrote and recorded parts of our album ‘I See You’. This is the third video, our friend, the wonderful Alasdair McLellan has directed for us. He collaborated with a hero of ours, Raf Simons on the creative concept and direction. It was amazing to work with both of them and such a pleasure to meet and work with Millie, Paris, Ashton, Lulu and Ernesto! Thank you to Calvin Klein and everyone involved. We hope you enjoy watching! xx The xx

The action starts when a daydreaming student (Brown) misses the bus for school, freeing her up for a day of adventure. Along with Jackson, Sanders and a few other lucky L.A. natives, Brown ends up at a tiny poolside concert by the xx where the trio of Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim work through “I Dare You,” a sleek, chugging new-wave cut.

“I See You” came out in January 2017 the band released a deluxe edition of the record containing three extra tracks only available on this vinyl collection,

Made in collaboration with Raf Simons for Calvin Klein
Directed by: Alasdair McLellan

Millie Bobby Brown
Ernesto Cervantes
Paris Jackson
Ashton Sanders
and The xx

Official video for “I Dare You” from the album ‘I See You’ available now.


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