PARDONER – ” Blue Hell “

Posted: June 21, 2017 in MUSIC
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Raw guitar riffs, pounding drums, distortion laden hooks, and an occasionally goofy lyrical sentiment truly encapsulate Pardoner’s debut LP, “Uncontrollable Salvation” September 8th marks the release date of the San Francisco group’s record, and we couldn’t be more excited. Experimenting with a 90s alt-rock sound and a modern punk ethos, Max, River, Will, and Trey have carefully studied the style and song structure of both their peers and idols and have redefined the San Francisco punk sound.

Over the past 2+ years as a band, Pardoner has occupied themselves with recording  and releasing several EPs, playing countless Bay Area shows, and even by making a SXSW appearance. Now,  “Uncontrollable Salvation” takes you for a 45 minute ride through what PARDONER guitarist Trey Flanigan calls “loud guitar music”.
Here’s what some of the members of PARDONER have to say about their record:

“We had fun making this and we hope it makes you feel things.”  – Will Merveau, Pardoner (bass)
“We worked really hard on this and if nobody listened to it I would be honestly pretty bummed.”  – Max Freeland, Pardoner (guitar / vocals)
“If you listen to this record once a day you will turn into a big muscular freak, I guarantee it.”  – Trey Flanigan, Pardoner (guitar)
“The kinda record that will make you want to farm all day and all night long.”  – River van den Berghe, Pardoner (drums)

“Uncontrollable Salvation” will be released on CD and pressed on normal black vinyl, and Blood Red vinyl the latter being a limited edition variant only available from Father/Daughter Records))


“Uncontrollable Salvation” out September 8th, 2017

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