FUTURE LIVES – ” The Knowing “

Posted: May 22, 2017 in MUSIC
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The word “supergroup” can be something of a catch-all for musical collaborations, but this new band Future Lives truly embody the word. While they have six members at their core, the band,  made up of players from bands King of Prussia, Drive-By Truckers, and Japancakes, as well as several solo artists — pulled together 14 musicians for their forthcoming debut album “Mansions”.

Newest song “The Knowing,” though, is a fairly stripped-down affair, a lush, slow-rolling folk tune that reflects the ease with which the artists play and write with one another. The band recorded the tune at Athens, Georgia studio the Glow with engineer Jesse Mangum.

“Some songs seem to call for a lot of revising and fine-tuning — taking your time to find the right words to say to exactly what you want to say,” the band’s Brandon Taj Hanick says. “Songs, like ‘The Knowing,’ seem like they’ve been rolling around in your head for ages, just waiting for the right time to spring forth into the world. ‘The Knowing’ speaks of coming home, even if ‘home’ turns out to be an entirely new place that you weren’t even consciously looking to find. But you know it when you get there.”

Mansions is out June 27th.



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