GUERILLA TOSS – ” The String Game “

Posted: May 20, 2017 in MUSIC

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Guerilla-Toss still put on a spectacle of a live show, but they’re way more professional about it now. They’ve got a projectionist along with a crew of people who negotiate the intricacies of their live sound, and their music has evolved in ways you couldn’t have anticipated way back  The band’s latest, GT ULTRA, is an equally playful and carefully arranged collection of songs that will make you want to pogo dance or vomit, depending on your mood. Single “The String Game” is a post-hardcore slow-burner that features vocalist Kassie Carlson at her most poetic and controlled. “I’m driving the car/ But I’m not the owner,” she intones deliberately over percussive claves. “I’m moving the car ever so slowly/ It hums the engine like science fiction/ Crossing the field in staccato.” Carlson’s voice sounds like a transmission from the subconscious and her lyrics read like automatic writing, but most importantly, “The String Game” sounds like a band that knows exactly what they’re doing.

“The String Game” is the first single from GT Ultra, the new LP from Guerilla Toss. The track is out worldwide Friday May 19, 2017

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