EMILY REO – ” Spell “

Posted: May 17, 2017 in MUSIC
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Emily Reo has provided us with “Spell” with which to draw down the moon, conjuring a potent emotive hex from across those cursed moors. From within her dark autotune shroud, Reo allows us to invoke and purge our most inward, plaintive feelings (if this was still a thing you’d better believe “I don’t feel anything/I don’t heal anything” would be everyone’s AIM away message for the rest of the year). Though the track has already acquired plenty of internet love since emerging last week as if from some uncanny fog, don’t forget that the Spell 10” vinyl (with b-side “Stronger Swimmer”)  Spell may be purchased now through Orchid Tapes.


“I wrote ‘Stronger Swimmer’ after reading a short story about a woman who was in an abusive relationship. In the story, she and her partner were canoeing when their boat capsized—he didn’t know how to swim, but she was a great swimmer and she decided to leave him behind,” Reo tells us. “Something about that imagery stuck with me, imagining her being in the cold water at dusk and having to suddenly make the decision to save herself, in multiple ways…. ‘Stronger Swimmer’ is organized chaos—it’s about taking all of the overwhelming turmoil in your life and transforming it into a source of personal power.”

Written, recorded and produced by Emily Reo
Mixed by Emily Reo, Jack Greenleaf and Warren Hildebrand

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