JENNY HVAL – ” Period Piece “

Posted: May 10, 2017 in MUSIC
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Jenny Hval came of age just after her native Norway’s black metal movement, with its dark occult affinities, started gaining notoriety. Her first band was a goth-metal outfit named Shellyz Raven . So it’s not too surprising that her new solo album, Blood Bitch, is populated by vampires.

“My first band was called Shellyz Raven,” she says, “spelled with a ‘zed.’ I joined the band later, so I had no say in the name. Everybody in the band was obsessed with that movie The Crow. But we couldn’t call the band Shelleyz Crow, because that would be too much like Sheryl Crow. So we had a problem. We solved it by going with ‘Raven.’”

Hval describes her time in the goth scene as, “Some of the happiest memories from my youth. For me, that scene was very magical. It was problematic, too, because it was so old-fashioned. Everybody was reading H.P. Lovecraft and wanting to look Victorian, which was crazy. But it was okay [in that scene] not to fit in. I came of age slightly too late for the really exciting part of the black metal scene—that was Norway’s punk scene in the beginning, before it got commercial. It was a dangerous scene. It was also, unfortunately, very, very male. But it had youth power. So there was still some of that energy left when I was in my teens.”

These days, Hval mostly makes experimental art-rock. Her last solo effort, 2015’s “Apocalypse Girl” , was widely praised for the way Hval exploded musical and intellectual boundaries. A fan of Meredith Monk, Jenny Holzer, Kate Bush, and Tracey Emin, Hval learned from these women to be particular—to experiment, to incorporate many layers of reflection and observation, and to do it all in a pithy, challenging way.

From the new album “Blood Bitch” arriving September 30, 2016

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