Posted: May 4, 2017 in MUSIC
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With the new album from Pwr Bttm due out next week on May 12th, There isn’t too much left to say about PWR BTTM they are incredibly unique, songs like ‘LOL’ and ‘Big Beautiful Day’ and this album proves it even further.

The New York based duo consists of Hopkins and Liv Bruce, with the pair trading off vocal, guitar and drum duties on each song. They released their debut full-length, Ugly Cherries , in 2015. Pwr Bttm announced their seond album Pageant earlier this year with the empowering “Big Beautiful Day” and most recently debuted the hilarious, assertive “Answer My Text” last month. They are currently touring Europe and will launch a North American tour in support of their LP in May.

“LOL” is a song about trying. Trying to understand. Trying to grow up. Trying to reconcile who you wish you were with who you can’t help being. Sometimes you try as hard you can to do those things and you fail. You fucking fail really, really hard. So hard that you have to give yourself a break and just laugh about how hard and weird things can be; about how no matter how secure you think you are deep down there’s a part of us all the feels like they’re doing everything for the first time

In performing the song, I tried to surround myself with people who made me feel powerful, like I could keep on trying no matter what. People like our French Horn player Cameron West, Kiley Lotz from Petal and, of course, my amazing mom Christiane Hopkins. They made me feel like I could keep going, I hope this song helps you feel the same! – Ben.

The Rock duo will release sophomore album ‘Pageant’ in May


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