SHYA – ” Trying “

Posted: April 30, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It’s hard to say just what it is about those noodly little bedroom-pop albums that allows them to get under the skin with such ease and prolificacy. Perhaps it’s the humanity that they exude, the authenticity of showing all the cracks and wears and tears with a searing sense of honesty; the same thing that allows us to treasure out-of-focus photographs with as much vigour as a perfectly-framed counterpoint. In a year full of gems that fit in to the aforementioned mould, Shya’s ‘Trying’ was one that we found ourselves returning to again and again. Initially consumed as something delicate and passive, the record has a number of inspired moments of magic within its frame to charm us back for further exploration.


Similar to Hovvdy’s ‘Taster’, in the way that it seems to hang like a solemn atmosphere in some listless afternoon, there’s an indefinable attraction to these songs, and a number of inspired little moments, that lifts it out of the gloom and into far more potent territory. “I’ve been fucking around for too damn long now” sings the opening track “going outside” and such sentiments are indicative of a record that always feels like it’s trying to shake the shackles that have held it in the shadows for far too long. A little record with a big heart, spend some time with ‘Trying’ and you might just find yourself with a brand new hand to hold in the shadows.


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