The KVB – ” Out Of Body ” EP

Posted: April 25, 2017 in MUSIC
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London based purveyors of dark, industrially-tinged post-punk and psych, “We don’t really think of it as being dark that much,” mutters Nick Wood, of London’s audio-visual drone bombers the KVB. “It just comes out like that.”

This is surprising, as to me the KVB’s music evokes the ominous chill of abandoned factories; burning wreckage on the post-industrial wasteground just outside of the city; a conflation of romantic betrayal and socioeconomic collapse; end times, and bad things waiting on the periphery, but the kind of bad things that many of us are unerringly drawn to.

“I’ve always liked the darker side of music, and even bands like the Rolling Stones, ‘Paint It Black,’ those sorts of songs,” Nick admits eventually. “I’ve always been quite dark; I’ve always been drawn to that.” They’re all inevitable, these comparisons and labels. With the shoegaze thing it’s kind of inevitable I think, because there is obviously that influence in there, and we can’t really deny it. But that gets put on a lot of different music. Even when there are no guitars on some of our songs, it’s still like, shoegaze.

All songs written by The KVB.


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