JOHN MORELAND – ” Sallisaw Blues / Break My Heart Sweetly “

Posted: April 21, 2017 in MUSIC
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If you’re looking for something a little more real, raw, and just damn good let us present Sallisaw Blue (4AD/Remote Control) a stomping road song of weight and presence, and we’re referring to John Moreland . Call it alt-Country  or whatever you like, or simply just some form of country and those aforementioned blues coming as delivered through a helluva voice. Yes, the stomp and feeling of this is real. That it was recorded in a dive bar in Tulsa before opening time, with plumbers working on the pipes in the background, just makes it seem even more right.

‘Sallisaw Blue’ by John Moreland, from new album ‘Big Bad Luv’, released May 5th on 4AD Records

John Moreland’s network television debut is…glorious and affirming and a sucker punch. He is announced by Stephen Colbert, lights dissolve, and the camera slowly focuses on the person midway across the unadorned stage, revealing him beneath muted blue lights.He is a big man. Seated, alone, cradling his acoustic guitar.He looks like nobody who is famous. He sings directly from his heart, with none of the restraint and filters and caution the rest of us would apply for public protection. He sings with resolute courage.

Then he begins to sing, to caress the song “Break My Heart Sweetly,” and all that remains is to whisper, “Oh, my god.” In Colbert’s studio everybody stood, like they were in church.

Sallisaw, Oklahoma, is famous as the homeplace of the Joad clan in John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, but in this Okie punk-turned-folkie’s song, it’s just another American small town dying a slow death. There’s some optimism and even humor in John Moreland’s depiction, as thought he might remake these empty burgs into something new and vivid and as American as ever.


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