JEFF TWEEDY – ” Together At Last “

Posted: April 13, 2017 in MUSIC
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Together At Last: Loft Acoustic Session 1 — eleven new solo acoustic recordings of classic Wilco tunes plus Loose Fur and Golden Smog rarities.

Given his decades of making music, maybe it was long overdue for Jeff Tweedy to look back. Together At Last is the first in a proposed series where the Wilco, Loose Fur and Golden Smog catalogs are given an intimate treatment; just Tweedy’s voice and an acoustic guitar.

Today’s announcement comes with a stripped-down version of “Laminated Cat,” a favorite among those of us who always wished for more albums by Loose Fur, Tweedy’s band with Jim O’Rouke  and Glenn Kotche. The original is a hypnotic whir of weird rock ‘n roll, but here that slippery guitar riff beds Tweedy’s still-very-obtuse lyrics.

The official press release describes Together At Last as “intimate,” but what they really mean is: This is Jeff Tweedy and these are his songs… 11 of them from the Wilco catalog and beyond, laid bare for your listening pleasure. And while we know most of you have never been to the loft (aka The Loft) trust us when we say, this is the next best thing to being there.

The deluxe vinyl boxset, limited to 1000, includes a clear vinyl pressing (exclusive to this set) and a 210-piece 16×16 jigsaw puzzle featuring the album artwork.

Produced by Jeff Tweedy and Tom Schick. Recorded in January 2016 at The Loft (Chicago, IL).

Engineered and Mixed by Tom Schick at The Loft.


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