CAN – ” The Singles “

Posted: April 4, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Can made music from an imaginary country, one with its own traditions and language — which means none at all. In its work, jazz, funk, electronic, psychedelic and minimalist music ran wild through impossible valleys and fantastic mountaintops. Some call it krautrock by virtue of the band’s German home base in Cologne. Most just call it Can.

For all of its sprawling albums releases, Can also maintained a healthy appetite for singles, which have now been collected. Out June 16th on Mute Records, “The Singles” will collect… well, guess. From radio edits of fan favorites like “Halleluwah” and “Future Days” to lesser-knowns.

As a preview the following track is available “Turtles Have Short Legs,” Can’s third single, originally recorded during the Tago Mago sessions and only ever issued on 7″ vinyl. It’s a hilariously goofy attempt at a novelty single,  Writing about the song on Head Heritage, Julian Cope says, “It’s unlike any Damo [Suzuki]-era Can piece ever, appropriating an absurd Teutonic toy town piano phrase that winds up subverting it in waves into a slow, untrammeled monster.”

Farther down the line comes exciting news about a new Can book in spring 2018. There will be a complete, authorized biography written by The Wire’s Rob Young, plus the Can Kiosk by band member Irmin Schmidt, a “collage of thoughts, visuals and interviews,”

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