QTY – ” Dress Undress “

Posted: March 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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New York Indie duo in the vein of Velvet Underground and The Strokes.  After releasing a debut 7” last year, Dirty Hit’s QTY have previewed their next release with new single ‘Dress/Undress’.

The new track, their first for the label, was produced by Suede’s Bernard Butler, who manned the desk for their debut album, due later this year.

Dress/Undress’ is gritty but maintains a majesty and infectious coolness that seems to exude from anything Dirty Hit Records touch at the moment. The track is part of a new 7” set for release on 28th April alongside b-side ‘Ornament’. The band are also set to head out to Austin for a bunch of shows at SXSW.

Why to get excited about them: They can knock out arms-aloft choruses like few others right now – most notably on the Bernard Butler produced slinker Dress/Undress .

‘Dress/Undress’ sees the duo’s vocal partnership really blossom, Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz’s respective styles working in perfect tandem. A track that they say “speaks to the anxieties, routines and amusements of our day-to-day life”, it’s ultimately a delight, the irresistible guitar tones that recall numerous NYC icons from decades gone by remaining a hallmark of their sound.

To label this as QTY’s strongest offering so far would be clichéd to say the least – everything they’ve done has been instantly impressive in its own way – but it does add further weight to any assertions that they might just be onto something special. The title is a metaphor for the two “bookends” of the daily routine; keep on like this and QTY will have a shelf full of hits at their disposal.

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