Posted: March 11, 2017 in MUSIC
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Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express are touring behind what is at least his 13th solo album, “Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins”, which has racked up his highest first-week sales in a decades-long career that began with Paisley Underground rule-breakers Green On Red.  Over the years, Prophet has developed a sui generis rock sound that crackles around bone-dry American Gothic lyrics. His love of independent film and true-crime stories have also translated to some weirdly riveting music videos, such as his latest, “Your Skin,” .

Prophet talked about his fascination with the late rocker Bobby Fuller and other inspirations for his latest album, including actress Connie Britton of Nashville and Friday Night Lights fame, and Alex Nieto, whose death, in a barrage of police gunfire, sparked outrage in San Francisco, and what he calls a “cultural exhaustion” in America — a malady that does not affect Prophet.

“I still get excited about guitar music,” he says. And playing live. “The Mission Express is playing so great it’s just a joyride to be out there every night. If you’ve lost your faith in rock and roll and want to get it back, give us a shot.”

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