Posted: February 16, 2017 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Springtime Carnivore’s title track from her latest record “Midnight Room” is a slice of subtly enticing, dark pop where worlds are constructed around partners and suns slowly burn out.

Springtime Carnivore’s dropped a video for the title tune, and it’s its own bit of mystery. Animator Kevin Andrews brings the world of a “midnight room” to life with disco balls floating in the sky, faded night shots of the Vegas strip and a TV set flickering “love” in a flooded living room. Throughout the song, Greta Morgan waveringly croons about never stopping her dreams, and in the video, she never actually visits the waking world.

Morgan says of the video:

I usually make a record imagining that it could be the soundtrack to a specific place, whether imagined or real. “Midnight Room” has a starry and surrealist landscape, and Kevin helped create that world visually. Whether it’s a hotel room where the floor is actually made of water, or a classic American car parked on a look-out point on the moon, his creativity brought the song to life in a new way for me. I fell in love with Kevin’s animation the first time I saw it. Springtime Carnivore’s Midnight Room is out now via Bandcamp

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