AMBER ARCADES – ” It Changes “

Posted: February 12, 2017 in MUSIC
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Amber Arcades’ Annelotte De Graaf might be among the hardest working human in alternative rock. Despite pretty much never stopping touring since releasing her debut album last year, Annelotte has found some time to go back into the studio. This week Amber Arcades have shared a brand new track, “It Changes”, which is apparently lifted from a new EP, coming out later this year. That release is on top of more touring soon as support to Grandaddy .

Thankfully, on It Changes the hard-work more than pays off. It’s a slightly less-polished affair than some of Amber Arcade’s previous output, the guitars just a little more rough around the edges and a bit more rocky, the vocal a bit less dreamy and a bit more out there, it works beautifully. What it still does possess, as almost all Amber Arcades tracks do, is a stunning chorus, an easy bouncing rhythm, Annelotte simply repeats, “it changes, it changes“, but somehow stumbles upon a melody that just won’t leave your head. Discussing the track Annelotte notes, “I always try to aim for constancy and stability but things always get messier than I foresaw. And hey maybe that’s actually what makes it worthwhile”The music is anything but, just perfect glistening pop from a star in the making.

Amber Arcades UK tour soon, including dates with Grandaddy.


“It Changes” is written by Annelotte De Graaf
Produced and recorded by Ben Greenberg
Mixed by Jez Williams

Guitars by Manuel van den Berg
Bass by Ronald Straetemans
Drums by Jaap Bontekoe
Synths and keys by Ella van der Woude

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