KIRAN LEONARD – ” Cracked Globe “

Posted: February 11, 2017 in MUSIC
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Kiran Leonard doesn’t strike us as a man who would know what to make of a day off. Despite still being at University studying Spanish and Portuguese, and only releasing his monumentally ambitious LP, “Grapefruit” last year, he’s already on his way back with a brand-new eight track cassette release coming out next month on Very Bon. This week he’s released the latest offering from that record the track, Cracked Globe.

Cracked Globe is in many ways typical of Kiran Leonard; that is, it sounds quite accessible, but was recorded in a manner that’s so unique and challenging, we barely even understand how it works. Discussing the process behind the track Kiran explains, “I wrote this song one morning at the house of a good friend in Whalley Range. he’s got all these old acoustic guitars. I set to lining four of them up against a wall and tuning each to a big chord.


I played the guitars like a big harp and they were awesome and resonant”. Thankfully, it’s not just completely bonkers, it also sounds great; the guitars sound tremendously rich and resonate, crackle and echo as if multi-tracked, atop them Kiran croons a raw, emotive and unpolished vocal. Oddly it might just be most accessible song he’s recorded to date. This sort of purposeful creativity is exactly the sort of boundary pushing music Kiran has always thrived at, and the world might just be a better place if more people’s minds were as fascinating as Kiran Leonard’s.

Monarchs Of The Crescent Pail is out next month via Very Bon.

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