The WYTCHES – ” Bone Weary “

Posted: February 5, 2017 in MUSIC
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One of the best live bands of recent years, are the slightly deranged and completely spectacular The Wytches .The band have announced a UK tour as well as giving us a new video for ‘Bone Weary’ the latest track taken form their album “All Your Happy Life”.

The band are a phenomenal live act, and we really mean phenomenal. The video shows some of this but what is really impressive live is their wall of sound. A deep hum of anarchic and guttural sound is now peppered with the flecks of rock and roll which summed up their latest LP and this new track.

Mark Breed who directed the video had this to say “Since being creatively involved with The Wytches I’ve been constantly stockpiling VHS offcuts from music videos and touring. Dusting off the tapes, I decided to put them to use by editing a reflective look at our past work. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of creating an entertaining watch without spending a penny. As Gianni put it best, ‘A retrospective look at being idiots for the past four years.’”

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