SEAFANG – ” Motorcycle Song (Elephant Stone) “

Posted: January 1, 2017 in MUSIC
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The road that “Motorcycle Song” travels down is one of the Jesus & Mary Chain, The Shop Assistants, and recent acts like Dum Dum Girls, The Raveonettes, and Veronica Falls have all worn into the minds of the music-listening public of today. But that’s okay, cause not everyone makes their own path, and sometimes it’s nice to see the landscape through another’s eyes. Get rid of the angst and anger of some of the above influences and add a straightforward drum beat, echo chamber-recorded female vocals, and a wall built of jigsawed layer guitar textures and you have the formula that built the top 40 heights reached by The Bangles and Primitives, which most of the above never reached. The sunny disposition of Seafang isn’t all that surprising, as the band comes from St. Petersburg, Florida, which never really gets a winter and stays sunny and warm where you can enjoy the beach almost the entire year. “Motorcycle Song” is the standout track from their debut single, but any of the three songs on it are radio-ready. If only it was 1985 and not 2016 .

This single is an undeniable combination of the Bangles, Shop Assistants and Primitives. Pop that goes straight to the pleasure center of the brain.


Heidi: vocals
Susan: guitar
Stacey: guitar, vocals
Gary: bass, vocals
Paul: drums

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