HOUNDMOUTH – ” Little Neon Limelight ” Best Albums Of 2015

Posted: December 26, 2016 in MUSIC
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Houndmouth	- Little Neon Limelight

For their followup to their promising 2013 debut From the Hills Below the City, Houndmouth proved that when a young band is prepping their highly anticipated, often-maligned second album, there’s no need to overthink it. Sometimes it’s best to just make a better version of your debut, and Little Neon Limelight is just that: a more tightly-composed, fully-rendered update on the joyfully sloppy Americana bar band feel of the band’s debut. The songs on Limelight are sturdy, expertly-crafted three minute folk-pop tunes featuring tall-tale characters like Jenny Gasoline and Shotgun Alynda. The band’s ragged four-piece harmonies are the main draw throughout, turning just about anything—a tribute to Otis Redding, an offhand ode to marijuana—into a heartfelt campfire sing-along. The band also displays its versatility on darker, stripped-down songs like “For No One” and “Gasoline.” There’s no question this exciting young band will need to stretch its comfort zone at some point down the road, but with Little Neon Limelight they made the perfect decision: sticking to what they do best.

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