DAUGHTER – ” No Care “

Posted: December 25, 2016 in MUSIC
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Coming back with a slightly heavier, more fleshed out sound, Daughter‘s second album ‘Not To Disappear’ is a corker. If the first album, If You Leave, is the beauty, then this one is certainly the beast (but a lovely beast with very soft fur).

“A lot of negativity I felt we had from our first album was like ‘Oh, it’s really sad’. Obviously the lyrics are hugely personal so when someone said they didn’t like my writing, they were essentially saying they didn’t like me and they didn’t like my brain. I was anxious about the whole thing. This time, I don’t care as much. There is something quite nice about that, even if just for my own sanity, like I don’t need to feel embarrassed about my brain. This is what it does. This is what it thinks. I am openly fine with being a sad person.”

“Also, don’t forget, sad is such a basic word. It encompasses so many things. It doesn’t do justice to that feeling, it doesn’t define everything you can do with that feeling, you know? It really depends on what context it’s in. There are so many different words for it. You could write so many books about it and never really explain; it’s something so inherent. Anyone who is alive has experienced it but some people recognise it and some people can’t even put their finger on it.”

’No Care’ is taken from Daughter’s new album ‘Not To Disappear’, released via 4AD/Glassnote.

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