LUH – ” Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing “

Posted: December 16, 2016 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ellery James Roberts‘ band WU LYF felt like the real deal with a colossal debut album, an equally impressive live set up and a cultivated mystique which drew many supporters,  whether you liked them or not they warranted your attention. So it was not surprising when they self-combusted in the centre of their own hype machine in November 2012.

Roberts returns alongside his girlfriend and co-vocalist Ebony Hoorn on LUH (Lost Under Heaven,) and it’s remarkable how he’s honed some of WU LYF‘s central ideas , This album has massive hooks, cataclysmic percussive beats and choruses and aligned it with his characteristic roar, The result is stadium size bombastic brilliance. LUH may not be a complete reinvention for Roberts but it is a near revelation

Perhaps the biggest problem former Wu Lyf singer Ellery Roberts is facing is whether his public still care. It’s been over three years since the cult Manchester act split, and entire scenes have come and gone. Certainly, Roberts’ music is still up to scratch – his and LUH collaborator Ebony Hoorn’s last track ‘Lost Under Heaven’ was a total thriller, and gloriously intense.

we posted about their massive track “Unite ”  Whatever happens, happens. Embracing LUH challenges you to stop trying to identify with problems or solutions, all is.

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