SONGS OHIA – ” Magnolia Electric Co. “

Posted: December 13, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Songs: Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co. @LP, Blue Swirl Vinyl, Limited to 600 Pieces, Out 12/16

Newbury Comics have been hoping to release some Jason Molina music ever since they started putting out records three years ago, so couldn’t be happier about announcing this Newbury Comics exclusive edition of Songs: Ohia’s ‘Magnolia Electric Co’. Released midway through his career (and preceding a band name change to Magnolia Electric Co.), this double lp deluxe edition sees the Songs: Ohia sound open up in ways that had been only hinted at on previous releases. The lyrics, as always, are worth the price of admission alone.

Our version is pressed on two slabs of Blue Swirl vinyl, in a lovely gatefold sleeve (with printed inner sleeves) in an edition of 600 pieces (+ download).

The hallmark of Jason Molina’s career, Magnolia Electric Co., is both a confluence of all he would create and a line in the sand to mark a shift in his song writing approach. It was the last statement under his iconic Songs: Ohia moniker, and the moment before he began making new legends as Magnolia Electric Co. for the next 10 years. Now — here at the end of that decade — with Molina gone, his work gathers more weight and meaning. This expanded 10-year anniversary edition of Magnolia Electric Co. features one never-before-released track plus many rarities. The full-band studio outtake of fan favorite “Whip Poor Will” is a sweet and spare version that ended up being played far differently on Magnolia Electric Co.’s final album Josephine (2009). Also included is the studio version of “The Big Game Is Every Night.” Previously only available on the Japanese version of the album, this opus serves as Molina’s thesis statement, its poetry weaving through the 20th Century, through art and sporting culture — ultimately questioning what it means to be an American in the autumn of the American Era.

The edition also gathers Molina’s gutting demos for the record, including those two outtakes. Nearly each begins with audible sound of the RECORD button being pressed down on the tape player. They are so close and intimate, it’s hard to look them right in the eyes. But you should.

Out on 12/16 and available for order now.

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