The GROWLERS – ” City Club “

Posted: December 8, 2016 in MUSIC
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A decade deep and five albums in, City Club is the band’s debut effort for Cult Records and it’s also the first album that welcomes outside influence in the form of label head, Strokes singer, Julian Casablancas working alongside Shawn Everett (Weezer) on production. The collaboration was clearly a harmonious one: The Growlers retain their scuzzy, spooky, surf-pop swoon (“When You Were Made,” “World Unglued”), but their songwriting’s more concise, sharply focused, and perfectly realized, with added flourishes including sexy sax and synth action, and some well-placed plinkety guitar lines . They’ve opted for more pop while managing to retain their grit, and, like all the best rock ‘n’ roll records, listening to City Club makes you feel cool as fuck

There’s just something about these synths and this bass groove that smacks of late nights and tawdry tales. “Night Ride” depicts a scene we’ve all witnessed, or been a part of surreptitious trips to the bathroom, the devil in the dimly-lit basement, the sun shaming the night sky to dawn, and you wondering why the hell you’re back here yet again. “Tomorrow night will go on without you, till dawn and no one will care…” sings Growlers’ Brooks Nielsen.


It’s just one of the tasters from their most excellent fifth album City Club (out September 30th): A delicious, 13 track collection that weds a pack-a-day gruffness with deft pop hooks. There’s a hypnotic, give-a-fuck 70s street swagger to it, thanks to the muscular basslines, but also a surfy swoon to Neilson’s casual-cool croon. It’s the band’s first album with Julian Casablancas’s Cult Records—and LP which The Strokes frontman produced.

“The Growlers may be the most interesting band in the world, certainly one of the coolest,” notes Casablancas. “Nor gypsy, nor goth, nor surfer, nor punk, yet somehow all of them.”



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