CHILDBIRTH – ” Nasty Girls “

Posted: December 1, 2016 in MUSIC
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Childbirth is the Seattle-based guitar band that includes members from a few key groups in the city’s scrappy rock scene: Chastity Belt, Pony Time, Tacocat . The trio’s new full-length is out this fall via Suicide Squeeze Records ,the band’s newest punk freak-out. It’s a half-whispered, half-shrieked call-to-action, encouraging ladies to embrace all the indulgences that society tries to make them feel guilty about: splitting a dessert, showing up a little late for work, wearing skirts that barely fit. It’s a rousing, ragged example of the way most Childbirth songs tend to be laugh-out-loud funny while also getting at some deeper, more empowering truths. The album, called Women’s Rights, is due October 2nd.

Childbirth is a “supergroup” in the sense its members are all in other hit bands (Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, Bree McKenna of Tacocat, Stacy Peck of Pony Time).



Like the majority of effective political art, Women’s Rights shows rather than telling. The songs describe what is fucked up in the world so evocatively that it needs no commentary, and always with a biting sense of humor.


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