MOTHERS – ” When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired ” Best Albums Of 2016

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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What started as a solo musical endeavor of Athens, Georgia native Kristine Leschper has turned into a promising band that we now know as Mothers. Earlier this year they released their rather lovely debut offering, “When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired”, via Grand Jury Music.
The group first caught my attention last year during CMJ, where their powerful and emotive live show caught my attention. They returned to New York in February for a performance giving us a taste of what was to come on the released album. the album is a sprawling multi-instrumental landscape, shaped out of exhaustively experimental song structures. Each song follows its own erratic path, and even the most serene moments teeter on the edge of dissolution, about to give away to chaotic instrumental interludes. The album is therefore easy to disappear into, and lengthy, winding songs like “Nesting Behavior” and “Hold Your Own Hand” are the entryway. The submersing atmosphere is the work of the instrumentation, from the simple, frail sound of the plucked mandolin to the bigger orchestral arrangements.

The group sounded every bit as strong as I recalled, powerfully going through the shape-shifting stop-start sounds off the album, offering emotional insight that connected at all angles. As great as their record is, there’s just something special about this band live that is sort of missing on recordings. Mothers are a band that will continue to grow and evolve over the years, with every show providing as unique opportunity as the next. I’m already waiting to catch them again the next time they return to us hopefully early next year with a new album.

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