FLOWERS – ” Ego Loss “

Posted: November 20, 2016 in MUSIC
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Rachel Kennedy’s voice in Flowers possess one of the most potent musical weapons you’ll hear this . Her clear, crisp soprano rings out across this record, recalling the likes of Elizabeth Fraser or Marissa Nadler, it is a truly beautiful thing. Which of course would count for nothing at all if Flowers didn’t have the songs to back it up, luckily for us based on this, their debut album, they certainly do.

Lyrically it’s a series of ruminations on youth, troubled relations and self-doubt, delivered with an acerbic wit that Morrissey himself would be proud of. Whilst musically they’re minimal sketches for guitar and drums, taking in elements of indie-pop, lo-fi and chamber pop and stitching out something unique and beautiful.

On the almost dub-step infused I Love You, Rachel sings “you make me want to cry overwhelmed by how much I love you” get this record in your life and you might just feel the same.

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