BRUISING – ” I Don’t Mind “

Posted: October 28, 2016 in MUSIC
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Bruising will release new single I Don’t Mind on 2nd December via the ever-excellent Beech Coma label, backed by Rest In Peace Kurt Donald Cobain (1967-1994).

“I Don’t Mind,” the latest single from UK four-piece Bruising, takes solace in the idea of acting as a support system with a simple refrain: “I don’t mind/ I love you,” Naomi Baguley sings sweetly in the chorus. It’s a song for when that desire to care for someone and to be cared for is elemental: “Calling you today was harder than I thought/ All I had to say was something dumb like I really need you.” But that necessity isn’t dumb, and “I Don’t Mind” acts as a comforting reminder.

“‘I don’t mind” is a sweet phrase,” Baguley explains. “It’s supportive and comforting, not as passive as it seems. Whatever you are going through or whatever you need to be – I don’t mind.” That sentiment is wrapped up in warm guitars and a lilting hook, the same sort that was so appealing on the group’s debut “Emo Friends” / “Honey 7″ from last year. “I Don’t Mind” will be included on an upcoming 7″ vinyl.

Listen to the A-side below which showcases the best of the four piece’s pop sensibilities, but with hooks that are both blistering and bashful and some venomous guitars.

They’ll also be hitting the road to play live dates in November and December lets hope they make it to Nottingham.


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