The WYTCHES – ” C- Side “

Posted: September 30, 2016 in MUSIC
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Following their impeccable debut LP “Annabel Dream Reader” The Wytches have ditched some of their liquorice black blood for something a little lighter with a touch more colour. ‘C-Side’ is the latest effort and comes form the forthcoming LP “All Your Happy Life” and although it still has the power we’d expect it earmarks a band of growth.

When we last saw The Wytches peddling their doomy sound we anticipated a heavy, dark flash in the pan. A Guinness shit if you will. Powerful and captivating but essentially it would have to go away at some point. ‘C-Side’ speaks of a band who is not afraid to move and grow, adapting their trademark sound to great effect.

Adding a little more urgency and a lot of extra grit as opposed to heavy riffs and heavier hair; ‘C-Side’ reeks of a band on the move. If you’re brave enough make sure you see them live they are at the Rescue Rooms very soon . They’re scarily good.


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