DESERT MOUNTAIN TRIBE – ” Runway / Enos In Space “

Posted: September 24, 2016 in MUSIC
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Desert Mountain Tribe

Ever wish for the dark psychedelia of The Black Angels without all the anachronistic Vietnam War stuff? or for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with a bit more balls-to-the-wall Capsula-like rock bombast? Then you’re ready to join Desert Mountain Tribe. The young London-based trio has been kicking up dust since forming in 2012, turning their very real love for The Black Angels into a new reality.

Bandmates Jonty Balls, Felix Jaun and Philipp Jaun began playing together in a group named for one of their heroes’ songs, Young Men Dead. They’ve since taken their own ride as Desert Mountain Tribe, releasing a debut EP in 2014, and now aiming skyward with their first full-length, Either That or The Moon. Today’s featured song, “Feel the Light”, is the LP’s opening salvo, which, after a literal countdown, ignites into a glorious 7-plus minute, reverb-drenched exaltation, inviting listeners to feel, rather than see, the light in the band’s dark, swirling melodies. It’ll come as no surprise that, while the album was recorded to tape in London, The Black Angels had a direct hand, as their sound engineer, Brett Orrison, mastered the tracks. Take a Ride, Feel the Light, Runaway, Leave It Behind – whatever you have to do, just do it with Desert Mountain Tribe.

Single from the debut album Either That Or The Moon.

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