RYAN ADAMS and the SHINING – ” Red Rocks ” 17th August 2016

Posted: August 29, 2016 in MUSIC
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Description of . Ryan Adams performs at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Aug. 17, 2016. Photos by Michael McGrath heyreverb.com.

Ryan Adams at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday night was everything you would want from the eclectic rocker and then some, as he crooned for hours amid his arcade cabinets, vintage (and sadly, non-functional) Dr. Pepper machine and over-sized homages to Fender’s greatest amps. With haunting vocals, Captivating guitar harmonies. Hair-flipping and somber emotion. Goofy banter often drifting into the feline. Skinny jeans.

Reaching back through more than a decade of his repertoire — from “This House Is Not For Sale” to “Trouble” Ryan Adams tried to play all of the packed audience’s favorite songs.

He was on stage for two-and-a-half hours straight, with no encore, through 29 songs, including “Do You Still Love Me,” a new song presumably from an upcoming album.

Adams ran the gamut from his hard-hitting tracks like “Halloweenhead” to his famous cover of a Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and the melancholy “Dear Chicago.”

The show was the last of a relatively short summer tour for Ryan Adams and his band, The Shining. It was clear he wanted to leave it all on the stage, having as much — if not more — fun that those swaying and head-bobbing to his music.

“This is, like, one of the most amazing things to see in your life as a musician!” he said to the crowd.

While that intimate experience was something I will always remember, allowing Adams to show off his voice and songwriting, I was worried I would never get to bear witness to his earlier days of electric guitar shredding and soulful singing. It was unclear at that point if he would ever step on a big stage with the volume turned way up ever again, halted by the awful effects of Meniere’s disease. Any doubters before, they were erased Wednesday night. The songs were tight, the solos were ripping and Ryan Adams was flipping his hair and bending backwards as he lit up the necks of countless guitars.

He shredded through “Stay With Me,” nearly rapped the lyrics through a fast version of “New York, New York” and played a perfect rendition of “Magnolia Mountain.” “Nobody Girl,” a personal favorite, came toward the end of the set, starting slow and building up to a rocking end. During the show Adams never once touched an acoustic guitar.

He ended the set with fan-favorite “Come Pick Me Up” before walking to the edge of the stage with The Shining where they all took a big, smiling bow before disappearing into the wings.

Set list: Ryan Adams and the Shining, Red Rocks 08/17/16
Gimme Something Good
New York, New York
Stars Go Blue
Let It Ride
To Be Young
Cold Roses
Fix It
Shakedown on 9th Street
Everybody Knows
Stay With Me
Dear Chicago
Magnolia Mountain
This House Is Not For Sale
Political Scientist
Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
Peaceful Valley
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Do You Still Love Me (new song)
Nobody Girl
When Summer Ends
Easy Plateau
Mockingbird Song
I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say
I See Monsters
Shakedown on 9th Street (again)
Come Pick Me Up


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