KATY GOODMAN & GRETA MORGAN – ” Sex Beat ” (Gun Club)

Posted: July 23, 2016 in MUSIC
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La Sera’s Katy Goodman and Springtime Carnivore’s Greta Morgan have been hanging out and spending their time productively, reworking old punk songs by the likes of Bad Brains, The Misfits, The Stooges and more, calming the frenetic pulse of these songs and creating a much mellower vibe. The collection is called “Take It, It’s Yours”and it’s due out this August.

The first track they dropped was a cover of The Replacements “Bastards of Young” which sounded splendidly feminine and forlorn, and below is their video for their take on “Sex Beat” by LA’s The Gun Club. The original was a jittery punk trackbut in the hands of the girls their song takes on a gilded Laurel Canyon earthiness.
“We decided on a simple performance video for ‘Sex Beat’ to show how the record was made,” explains Greta. “Katy and I played all the instruments on Take It, It’s Yours and filmed this video at CompNY Recording, the studio where we actually made the record with our friend and producer Drew Fischer. This is the first video I’ve ever directed and it was so fun that I’ve started working on a bunch more.”

Meanwhile Katy had this to say: “I’ve loved this song since I was a teenager and found Fire of Love at a record store in Seattle. This is one of the first covers we recorded. It came to life quickly and set an awesome tone for the rest of the record.”

The official music video for Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan’s cover of “Sex Beat” by Gun Club, taken from their 2016 collaborative album Take It, It’s Yours, out 8/26. Directed by Greta Morgan.

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