BRYDE – ” Wait / Help Yourself ” Aka Sarah Howells ( Paper Aeroplanes )

Posted: May 9, 2016 in MUSIC
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For the past 10 years, singer songwriter Sarah Howells, aka Bryde, has been a part of alt folk act Paper Aeroplanes: but she’s now ready to become a household name with her debut solo EP, which is coming out on May 12th. New single “Help Yourself”  finds the Brixton-based singer at the height of her power, hinting at the cathartic work of Sharon van Etten and Mazzy Star – it’s an immensely personal affair that features Howells singing a huge, touching chorus. Her music hits right in the gut with its accomplished melody crafting and poignant lyrics – on EP1, she displays an impressive talent when it comes to writing lyrics about universal emotions without falling into cliché.


Howells has already mastered confessional music with her first single “Wait”, which shows a calmer side to Bryde. “Wait, it’s gnawing at my heart, Tearing at my confidence, Pulling it apart,” she laments over a graceful layer of plucked guitars and soothing background noises. “Wait” is a restrained tune driven by superb melodies – unlike the grandiose “Help Yourself”, it never really bursts into flames. She’s definitely at her best when she keeps things low-key, her voice being her number one asset.


Bryde has just wrapped up a brief European tour but you will definitely hear more from her in the near future.

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