CATFISH and the BOTTLEMEN – ” Soundcheck / 7 (From the Studio) “

Posted: May 6, 2016 in MUSIC
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The new album ‘The Ride’ is available to pre-order now:


We’ve made you a part 2 to the ‘Soundcheck’ from the Studio video… Here’s the new one for ‘7’ for yous…. Send it a merttttttt…. Larry’s in it the little rat!

Cut to Bruce Buffer shouting “Itttttttttttttttttt’s Timeeeeeeeeee” for us cause we need to get all this waiting over with and give you Part 2…

We started recording this album at any chance we could get, in between shows over the summer. And, after the final night on ‘The Balcony’ tour finished we were set to have some time off but couldn’t wait and didn’t think yous should have to either after the run you gave us. So, went straight in to finish the 2nd Album. We made it out in Los Angeles with a producer and hero of ours that we’ve dreamt of working since we were kids… D. SARDY…. the game-changer! This man made the songs and the albums we grew up listening to. The ones that made us want to sound like the band we are, so to go in and actually record our album together with him was a real honour and the best craic we’ve had!

Our new record is out the last Friday in May and is called ‘The Ride’ …which is a lyric from the last, and probably, my favourite tune on there. That song’s called ‘Outside’ and It just sounds absolutelyyyyymasssssssive..SideshowBob’sDrumsMate#…ARMSUP#!!!! Alongside you selling these shows out for us, this album is by far the proudest I’ve ever been about anything I’ve written and us 4 have ever done together! Can’t wait for you to hear this yknow! Started this band and I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for all of us from day 1 right up to now… you’ve been unreal! A completely different league in fact! You’ve properly changed 4 lads lives here y’know, selling out Bowls in Castlefield 8,000 people strong in 5 minutes and winning us brits and all that stuff… It’s just mad and we’ll be grafting all year to ensure things keep growing and these new gigs and new albums keep coming rapidly and in their droves!

Not long till the 2nd albums oot…. If you want to pre-order it you’ll get ‘7’ and ‘Soundcheck’ as instant downloads as soon as you do! Not bad that y’know.

U.S! Thank you for this intimate run we’ve just done! Felt like when we first started out that in those little sweat box’s!

U.K! See you in Hull Arena when we get back! What a night that’s going to be!

All the best and Lots of love

Vince, Bendy, Bunji, Bib x


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