BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and the E.STREET BAND – ” Working On The Highway ” St Louis 2016

Posted: March 10, 2016 in MUSIC
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Tom England you are a legend! His sign asked whether he can work on the highway with the E Street band. Bruce noticed the sign just about as he was going to kick into “Working on the Highway”. He asked Tom if he could play, and if he knew which key the song was written in. Tom got the question right, and the rest is E street legend. this is what makes touring special, and being in the pit with “The ties that bind”

A series of incredible coincidences came together for Tom England to experience a moment he calls “life changing.” If La Salle, where England is a senior, was not on spring break when Bruce Springsteen happened to be in his hometown of St. Louis, it would have never happened. If England hadn’t been in the fourth row thanks to a lucky lottery draw, it would have never happened. If England’s sign wasn’t … well … weird enough, it would have never happened. If Springsteen, who hasn’t been taking many fan requests on this tour, hadn’t have gotten a kick out of England’s sign, it would have never happened.

But the gods who preside over the Church of Springsteen looked fondly on Tom England on Sunday. Springsteen, England’s idol, invited him up onstage to play “Working on the Highway” with the E Street Band.

“It was big and obnoxious,” England said about the sign. “I was four rows from the stage. I was enjoying the concert. Anthony said as soon as he’s finished playing The River [the 1980 album Springsteen has been playing in full to kick off this tour] throw your sign in the air.”

“I saw him read it,” England said. He told Springsteen he plays guitar. “Okay, if you play guitar, what key is ‘Working on the Highway’ in?” Springsteen asked. “C!” England responded from the crowd. Springsteen jokingly looked at the band and said, “Is that right? Is it in C?”

Next thing England knew, he was onstage with an acoustic guitar in his hand. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” Springsteen said to England.

When England was supposed to come in with the band, guitarist Stevie Van Zandt looked at him and said, “You ready?” “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life,” England replied.

“I was so just happy. It felt like I was playing with my really good friends. You look out and see all these people who are dancing and singing and clapping in the crowd. It was just so surreal and Bruce was just so gracious. He’s my hero. I still just want to thank so so much. I want one more chance just to thank him again,” England, a business school student, said. “I’ve never felt more alive. That was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and Bruce was able to make it happen.”

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