SUNFLOWER BEAN – ” Easier Said “

Posted: March 9, 2016 in MUSIC
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Psych Out: Say No To Creation Nostalgia

Easier Said,” the lead single from Sunflower Bean’s debut album release  “Human Ceremony”, just so happens to be Julia Cumming’s favorite. “It’s the one that I feel closest to lyrically and conceptually and I’m really proud that we did it.” She told i-D in our Pre-Spring issue. The song is about “some feelings last Winter. We were all out of school and just working on the band. And sometimes when you’re in the thick of the music scene and everyone’s trying really hard, it can seem kind of bleak… it’s just a little reflective on myself and ourselves and the scene around us.”

Shot entirely on film, the accompanying visuals are full of aesthetically pleasing ritualistic pagan activity involving fire (it’s lit), masked men, and Julia as a winged angel in leathers on the back of a motorbike. “We wanted to do something different with the video. A lot of our other videos have been shot on iPhones, which was cool, but we wanted to try the polar opposite of that which is why we asked the director, Charlotte, to work on film. We also wanted the visuals to work with the feeling of the song more so than the literal meaning. The movement, the elements, and the colors in the video capture that vibe.”

With immaculate styling throughout and a crown that even Tavi would be proud of, things result in a late-night dance party in the deep, dark, misty woods complete with killer moves from JC and sparkle jackets from the boys. A half curtsy from Julia and the past 3 minutes and 26 seconds have been iconic but it’s time to call it a night. Peace out.

Sunflower Bean’s debut album is bursting with primitive, arresting character. Effortlessly punctuating its hazy breaths of subtle psychedelia with timely bursts of strikingly raw garage rock, Human Ceremony wrong-foots the abyss of lifeless reverb-laden LPs that seems so prominent within the realms of self-declared ‘experimental’ guitar music. The hypnotic spell that the record casts is often broken by earworm distorted guitar solos or life-affirming call and response vocals,

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