VANT – ” Fly By Alien “

Posted: February 11, 2016 in MUSIC, NOTTINGHAM CITY VENUES

Some people have compared new UK band Vant to the Strokes, the Pixies, and DFA 1979, but these people are also smacking their lips from between their lazily reclined ass cheeks. Sure, Vant play guitars and sing and look cool and sound far more aggressively stoned than your average radio friendly band, but they’re also their own fierce rock n’ roll vehicle. The Strokes? They couldn’t make a track that focuses its aggression so vehemently as Vant do on their most recent track, “FLY-BY ALIEN”,

Unsurprisingly, the track is about extraterrestials; “About an alien travelling through the universe to find a planet that can support life,” says vocalist/guitarist Mattie Vant. “The alien stumbles upon Earth and contemplates destroying the planet but instead leaves its residents with a transmission of hope: ‘You have a meaning, you have a purpose / This life is short, make sure it’s worth it’.” Lovely stuff.

The video itself is directed by Youth Hymns, the self-proclaimed purveyor of “visceral visuals” whose credits include Wolf Alice’s ‘Freasy’ and Slaves’ ‘The Hunter’.

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