WIRE – ” Pink Flag/Chairs Missing/154 (Pinkflag) ” The Classic Albums

Posted: February 2, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Colin Newman of Wire

When Wire put out their first album, “Pink Flag,” they were the epitome of what punk rock was about: rebellion against the status quo and the music that came before it, both in aesthetics and sound. This is when punk rock was about taking chances and doing something different. Pink Flag is different from what came before it as well as from other punk of its day. It also manages to be incredibly catchy at times, and dark at others. The darkness becomes more profound on “Chairs Missing,” and even more so on 154. Wire’s proclivity for some surprisingly poppy pieces, interspersed with some very dark music and some other sonic experimentation’s, make for a fascinating listen. There is no finer first three album releases in all of music. Each of their first three albums are perfect or near-perfect. They are still a band to this day and their new albums still receive critical acclaim.

While much ink has been spilled on these albums in the four decades since their release, the men of Wire released the definitive statements on all three this year. These multi-disc reissues, packaged in handsome book form with copious liner notes from Graham Duff and perfectly ornery remembrances from critic Jon Savage, tell as complete a story as possible of the creation and execution of each record. Each album has been remastered and left as its own document on the first disc, with the bonus discs fleshing out the tale with contemporaneous singles and studio work, and copious demo recordings.

Essential Albums: “Pink Flag” (1977), “Chairs Missing” (1978), “154” (1979)


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